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My Five Favourite Body Products in the 2019 Beauty Awards

“This is the only tanning mist I’ve found that doesn’t ruin the walls and floors of my bathroom in the process … you can apply it directly to your tanning mitt without it going everywhere and even though it’s a small bottle, it lasts for a long time. A little goes a long way, with this one! I really rate how natural the result is with Little Honey – you look beautifully sun-kissed in the most believable way. No orange undertones, promise!”

Spray tanning before your wedding

“I live in New Zealand but our wedding is in California. The majority of our guests will be blessed with a glowing tan but I will be a shade of pale. I actually didn’t fully consider doing a spray tan until I saw Little Honey. They’re crafted here in New Zealand (yay for local products), paraben free, cruelty free, and vegan!Not only was it SUPER easy but it smelled amazing! I was really scared it would hurt my sensitive skin after shaving but it didn’t hurt or sting at all. I am SO impressed! And, it didn’t rub off on anything. It takes only 10 seconds to dry and I was under a white fuzzy blanket after (yes, it’s freezing here).!”

Self tanner for the perfect faux glow

“If you’re nervous about tanning your face, Kate recommends mixing one pump of your fake tan with your night moisturiser for a soft golden glow.

A tanning mitt is an essential tool for achieving a flawless self-tan, and it helps prevent tell-tale brown palms, too. When your mitt needs a clean, simply take it into the shower with you and wash it with your shampoo, then leave it on your towel rail to dry.”

Little Honey flawless bronzer

“FUSS FREE TANNING with Little Honey! I’m so obsessed with this… the colour is a natural olive, it dries quickly and NO transfer onto clothes and sheets! It’s not quite as dark as what I’m used to but I did a second coat last night and LOVE!! So obsessed with both the tan and the mitt!”

Boss Babe Kate from Little Honey

“Little Honey is a New Zealand made tan that ticks every box that a self tan could. It lasts for ages, doesn’t streak, doesn’t smell and it does leave you looking like you have been to the tropics. I have actually known Kate for years (and I mean years and years) and I couldn’t be more excited for her and all she has achieved. Kate’s story is the perfect example of seeing a need in the market and filling it.”

Little Honey tan flawless bronzing kit beauty review

“From the moment I applied this product, I was in love. It applied with ease, and I used it on my face as well. It sat on my skin beautifully and was dry in moments. When the site said it was dry to touch within 10 seconds, it meant it. It also says to allow for it to develop for at least 4 hours. Beautiful and quick.”

Little Honey self-tan – review

“The Flawless Blending Glove is the BOMB. Even if you don’t get the product, ditch your current mitt and get this one. It feels super luxurious and here’s the punchline: It’s waterproof lined – you cannot get stained hands! It does deliver a flawless finish. The mitt is so good I’ve bought one for a fake tanning mate (a bloke!) as his Christmas present. He needs a Little Honey mitt in his life.”

6 Must-Try Self Tanning Hacks

“Make sure you scrub with a non-oily exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and create a smooth canvas for your tan. If you use a product with an oil base, it will likely leave residue on your skin and leave you with an uneven finish. “This is the one time when coconut oil is not good for you!” says Little Honey founder Kate Walsh.”

Little Honey Self Tan Review

“Overall, I love that it has little to no transfer, it has a beautiful natural colour and a nice scent. The formula is non-streaky and quick to apply (I could do a full body in about 2-3 minutes!). My only advice would be to have a good moisturiser handy for ankles, wrists and elbows – and then apply your moisturiser every second day to keep the tan in tip top condition.”

My skin faves winter saviours | cruelty-free

“This is the Holy Grail of self-tan. No exaggeration. The mitt applicator and spray solution are a dream to apply, and it hits you with a gorgeous dark tan with only one coat – though I like to do two coats for intensely rich colour. It dries quickly, is green-based (no orange tones here), and smells pleasant.”

Little Honey flawless bronzing kit

“It doesn’t wear off in patches! This is a biggie for me as I think there’s nothing worse than going patchy for the next week after your application. This means if you need to re tan a few days later, just use a scrub in the shower like normal and re apply.”

Little Honey flawless bronze

“But aside from all that, the main thing for me is the result and Little Honey 100% gave me a result I was looking for – natural bronzed goddess. I am she! Haha. Sporting some colour this Summer has been instrumental in helping me feel more confident on the beach and in swimwear. ”

Little Honey Review

“You need a very small amount of product, and it builds up and blends beautifully. Best thing about it is that it is dry to the touch in just 10 seconds and fully develops in 4 hours. No stains on my white sheets! YAY! I will definitely continue using this kit and look forward to holding on to my summer tan a bit longer than usual. Feeling like a little bit of a tanned goddess, just quietly. “

Little Honey NZ Fake Tan Review

“I love this product. Here are my reasons why… I love the smell; doesn’t have that gross fake tan smell. I love how instant it is; you put it on and I love that it dries really quickly. And I love that it was created and is crafted right here in New Zealand. So yeah, this product is definitely a thumbs up from me.”

#littlehoneytribe Share the Love

“I just wanted to let you know that after years of trying tans I’ve had a reaction to every single one, even the eco ones! I just tried your instant tan and my skin isn’t reacting. I’m genuinely shocked and the tan looks so natural. Very happy. Your product is amazing xx – @mama_to_five

“Pharmacy staff used the tester to show me how it works and I bought the kit immediately. The tan looks glorious, it’s really simple to use and there is absolutely no awful smell that screams “fake tan!”. Love that it is a NZ brand not out of the R&D department of massive international conglomerate. Without a doubt, I will be going back for more.” – Andrea

“Best bronzing mist I’ve ever used. No sticky feeling and no transfer. Lovely natural tan without the fake tan smell. Put it on in th morning and your tan develops during the day. Pharmacist assistant tried it on me and I’m so glad she did. A great NZ made product.” – Sandra

“Have to give a massive shout out to Little Honey. The BEST tan I have found so far (I used to be a Bondi girl) so easy to use, gives a streak free appearance and smells amazing. Not oily at all and did I mention it smells amazing? It tans over my tats so well AND they give you a boyfriend sized applicator mitt as well as a normal sized one because lets be honest we get the man to tan some unreachable areas. 100% recommend Little Honey for your tan on fleek needs!” – @mumontherun23

“I was a little scared before trying the mist. I had seen so many orange fake tans that I hoped this product would be different. I was so happy with how my tan came out. It looked so natural and with the amazing glove it was easy not to get streaks. I loved how I could build up the tan and it actually smelled nice! I was ready to go in just a few minutes and didn’t have to worry about it staining my clothes. It really is the most amazing product ever! Love love love it!” – Jo

“When you fake tan and you feel like yourself… thanks Little Honey. Now I admit I was fully influenced by social media and when I bought this self tan I was skeptical. Now I have gone through my share of fake tans and I’m not new to this fake tanning game… and I just have to give a shout out to Little Honey. This tan has such a beautiful colour – I look tanned but it’s soooo natural. The formula is streak free, it doesn’t smell awful and the smell doesn’t linger once washed off. It honestly doesn’t transfer when developing, I wore white underwear all day just to test it and nothing. I am soooo amazed, the reviews are true, be influenced people, be influenced – it’s seriously amazing.” – @allthingsemma

“I have used nearly every tan around, I was a huge fan of Bondi Sands and Loving Tan. Yours is by far my favourite and I haven’t gone back since discovering it! My first bottle lasted around 9 months! The application is flawless and so much easier than a mousse, it doesn’t have the “tan” smell and fades beautifully with little to no patches. I am a massive fan, keep up the great work. PS. Also the BEST mitt!” – Amie

“Hi gals, I am absolutely loving my tan! I can confidently say I am converted and that’s a tricky one because I have been getting professional tans, using Model Co, St Tropez and Bondi Sands for 15 years plus. I just love that it dries so quickly, no sticky feeling after application and the colour is just perfect.” – @karlahobday

“I have been using this product for more than 2 years now. I have used most other leading brands in the past; Little Honey is by far the best colour, easiest to apply and nicest to wear. Had no smell, no orange and easy to get an even cover. I have had many compliments on my ‘natural tan’ when wearing it and I normally am quite fair. I cannot recommend a better product!” – Glen

“Hands down best fake tan I have used to date! No smell, dries almost instantly and most importantly, its not sticky!!! Love, love, love the colour. Def my new go to tan.” – Shaye

“Love this!! I’m not a religious tanner and don’t have a lot of experience using self tans but this one is so easy to use, isn’t sticky, compliments your natural colour really well and is easy to put on. Would strongly recommend the glove too if you haven’t got one already.” – Jasmin

“I’m so impatient that I’m the queen of bad fake tan application. With this kit, even I can get a perfect, even, streak-free golden tan that dries straight away, and smells lovely. The glove makes all the difference, highly recommend!” – Huia

“I used my Little Honey tan for the first time last night! Love that it has no fake tan smell, and I literally jumped into bed 15 minutes after applying it. Today I’ve had about six people think it was a real tan I got on holiday visiting family in Perth, and all of them asked the name! You have made an amazing product! Even bought a second kit to send to my sister in Perth for her birthday as she HAD to try it – total game changer.” – @taralee_sellers

“Just wanted to say a big thank you!! From ordering product to application, Little Honey has been a dream. Best product on the market, easy to apply and super natural looking. Absolutely love it, thanks again.” – @arigram30

“Love this!! I’m not a religious tanner and don’t have a lot of experience using self tans but this one is so easy to use, isn’t sticky, compliments your natural colour really well and is easy to put on. Would strongly recommend the glove too if you haven’t got one already.” – Jasmin

“I’ve put it on already. Even though I am in Canterbury and it’s bloody cold so I’m wearing jeans and a cardi. Still feel a million bucks underneath! My first time using Little Honey. I love that it doesn’t have that ‘tan’ smell, it’s easy to apply (I’m a self tan rookie) and quick to dry because I have two toddlers and zero time!” – @pipijoyrush

“Absolutely love this product! Gorgeous colour and not sticky at all. Super easy to use and natural.” – Annie

“Can I just say a quick thank you. After a horrible fake tan experience I thought I’d never self tan again. Until I came across Little Honey by accident. It’s so easy, and flawless. My skin is no longer greyish! Truly thankful, a lifetime customer now.” – @tphelwasher

“I have just marinated for the second time in Little Honey. First time was good but I was a bit cautious. Second time I nailed it! In love with the results and my sensitive skin hasn’t had any issues. So stoked, thanks!”

“I purchased my first bottle of Little Honey, applied my first lot – it was super easy and looks amazing! I am 100% happy with the product, it’s amazing!!” – Bianca

“Oh my goodness I’ve just applied your tan and I am already so impressed, will definitely be sticking with you! the smell is gorgeous, not too overpowering and I don’t feel sticky – thank you!” – Ella

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