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Little Honey saves you from the top 7 fake tan mishaps

If you are reading this you have probably been there before: you’ve invested in your fake tan, carefully prepped your skin and painstakingly taken the time to apply your tan. Only to discover the end result is less than desirable!

It’s not you, honest. We’ve all been there! Don’t worry – Little Honey is here to save you, with a flawless instant tan.


Fake tan mishap #1 – The Trump effect

Move over Trump, we have a new contender for the tangerine crown! So many fake tans deliver an unnatural orange hue that makes you look more like an Oompa Loompa than a golden goddess. Not much you can do about it once you’ve let that lotion set, except grin and bear it, knowing your white teeth only make the contrast worse.

The Little Honey difference: Our fake tan creates a super gorgeous golden glow that looks natural on any shade of skin, from natural browns to lily pale. 


Fake tan mishap #2 – Accidentally become a streaker

With most fake tans, it is almost impossible to avoid leaving the odd streak – annoyingly they are normally in places you don’t notice at first!

The Little Honey difference: We designed the Flawless Blending Glove to eliminate the hassle and fuss – with this unique glove and our self tan mist, your instant tan application is pretty much fail-proof and streak-free!


Fake tan mishap #3 – Blotchy knees & ankles

The drier skin on elbows, knees and ankles absorbs fake tan much faster than healthy smooth skin on legs and arms – so these areas often end up much darker and blotchier than the rest of your skin – enough to put you off self tanning forever!

The Little Honey difference: Using the Flawless Blending Glove means a smoother application and less instant tanning product absorbed in the creases – there’s more detail in the Little Honey FAQs on how to get that perfect even all over tan.


Fake tan mishap #4 – Am I tanned yet?

You carefully smooth fake tan over your entire body and can’t see any change. So you do it again. Maybe a third layer will help. Okay, you’ve used the entire bottle and can’t see much difference, but… wait… is that a slight tan? You go to bed and wake up dark, dark, dark brown. You jump in the shower and scrub and scrub, to no effect.

The Little Honey difference: Because our self tan shows a golden colour immediately, you can see where you have applied. Within 2-4 hours, Little Honey will have fully developed so you can see the full result. Add another layer if you want deep tawny skin, but rest assured that following these steps, you’ll never over-do your tan – and our bottles contain at least 6-8 full body self tan applications!


Fake tan mishap #5 – Tan transfer

Your new fake tan looks great. The only problem is that your dress is also deep brown, and your sheets have a fascinating new pattern of pink streaks.

The Little Honey difference: Our self tan dries in 10 seconds so you can get right on with life, and into that pretty white dress!


Fake tan mishap #6 – That sticky spray tan feeling…

A spray tan sounds great – a few minutes naked in front of your beauty therapist and presto, a golden tan! But wait… if you set a plate on your knee to eat, feed your baby, or have an overly amorous boyfriend who really appreciates your new look (all true stories!),  that perfect spray tan is ruined instantly.

The Little Honey difference: See above – with a 10 second dry time, there’s practically no wait time, sticky feeling or transfer! Heads up tan lovers!


Fake mishap #7 – That burnt biscuit smell

Fake tans can use heavy fragrances to cover up the chemical smell of the self tanning product. Even after showering – or the next day – the smell lingers, blotting out your expensive perfume.

The Little Honey difference: We created a light vanilla honey scent that’s super lovely and hardly noticeable, even right after your have applied self tan.


Do you have a fake tan mishap story that we missed from our list? Or any tan tips you’d like to share? Add it below, we would love to hear!

Shop Little Honey instant tanning kits here, and enjoy easy, fuss free self tan experience…. with the desired result.

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