Our Story

“As a makeup artist in both NZ and London for over 20 years, I have loved the world of beauty for as long as I can remember. Having bought, used and generally played with the best of the best products in my industry, I could never find the ‘perfect’ self-tan. They either smelt bad, got all over my clothes and sheets, went orange, and I won’t even start on the application mitts!”
– Kate | Little Honey Founder

Little Honey was designed to solve all your Self Tan issues. We set out to create a Tan that not only looked beautiful but was easy to use, quick drying and had no unpleasant after smell.

At Little Honey we feel passionate about looking and feeling great so that’s why our product is paraben free, cruelty free and doesn’t contain and actual honey making it Vegan friendly.

We love that we are able to bring you a luxury tanning product made right here in New Zealand!

Welcome to the #littlehoneytribe!
Kate and the team at Little Honey xx